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Finding information from Oracle/Hyperion can be difficult as you search the thousands of pages of documentation. So I'm creating this blog with all of my tables and matrices for the Oracle Hyperion products. Questions like - How does Smart View compare to the Excel add-in? When should I use Financial Reporting or Web Analysis? I thought I would share this information with you in the simple format of tables and maybe a few bullet points. So no lengthy paragraphs on this blog... but hopefully some helpful Oracle Hyperion information.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Enterprise vs. Financial Management

Still on Enterprise and wondering if it is time to make the jump to Financial Management? Enterprise is still a solid product but the table below will help you understand some of the benefits of the FM solution:

Hyperion Financial Management

Hyperion Enterprise

Unify financial and operating results

Consolidation and reporting (regulatory filings)

12 Smart dimensions

4 Fixed dimensions

Scalable to thousands of users

Client / server architecture – limit to 150 users

Web enabled

Microsoft Windows architected – distributed deployment – some web

24 by 7 Availability

Offline maintenance and backup required

Easy to customize Web User interface

HTML programming required for customized user interface

Hyperion Financial Management

Hyperion Enterprise

Drag and drop, oriented reporting with Financial Reporting

Script based reporting

Adhoc analysis with drill down capabilities

Not available

Process Workflow

Not available

Robust controls and audit trails

Some controls and audit trails

Integration with Hyperion Planning

Not available

Shared security maintenance of users and groups across Hyperion products

Not available

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Anonymous said...


Do you know where to download Hyperion Enterprise 6.5 Support Matrix? especially one related to Enterprise Reporting 3.8.1?
Please kindly give me an idea.